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Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

Another G3 noise? Mark Philip Scherban complains about a strange noise coming from the hard disk of his G3 Macs: "It seems to me that the hard disk is trying to access something at the time. The system never freezes after the sound just hangs for a few seconds. Last night it happened twice about ten minutes apart. Others are reporting the same problem. The affected drive appears to be a Quantum Fireball." We had previously reported on a G3 noise that was related to the spinning of the high-speed CD-ROM drive. This seems to be something else, but I am not certain.

Click of Death exaggerated? Given our previous coverage of Iomega Zip "click of death" problems, it seems only fair to mention that George Meyer, director of strategic marketing for Iomega's personal storage division, is quoted in PC Week as saying that click-related failure had been reported by "only a fraction of one percent of current Zip drives customers."(Thanks, Bill Bronsteen.)

The FreeHand Source web site is now online. "The site is totally dedicated in bringing FreeHand users news, tips, troubleshooting techniques and spotlighted features in Macromedia's FreeHand. Note: You are required to have the ShockWave Flash plug-in and it is a big plus to use Netscape 4 or Internet Explorer 4."

Work-around for Drive Setup/At Ease blinking question mark startup problem Apple TIL 221555 describes a work-around for a blinking question mark problem caused by updating you disk driver with Drive Setup while At Ease Security is active. The only other alternative requires reformatting your disk.

Eudora Planner According to MacWEEK, Eudora Planner is the name for Qualcomm's forthcoming update of Now Up-to-Date and Now Contact.

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