ObjectSupportLib 1.2: a follow-up

ObjectSupportLib 1.2: a follow-up

Regarding our previous report of pros and cons of the latest version of OSL:

a. The overall news continues to be positive. Most people say it is working fine. I did get one report of a freeze in AOL 3.0, but that's about it for the last few days of email.

b. For those that do have any problems, David M. Converse (AOL Forum Consultant) reminds readers of advice given to solve problems with earlier versions of OSL: Put whatever version an application installs in the same folder as the application itself. Put the version that seems most generally stable for you in the Extensions folder. This should cause the appropriate version to be used with the matching application.

c. Ken Dickey (who works on OSL at Apple) writes: "So far, all reports of problems with OSL 1.2 have been because people received them as attachments or downloaded the binaries directly. We have no reports of problems when OSL 1.2 has been unpacked from an uncorrupted archive. Problem reports we have followed up on have all disappeared when a 'fresh' OSL 1.2 was used (i.e., all reproducible problems seen so far have been due to file corruption in transit)."

He requests that you download the official golden master version, if you have not already done so, and email him with any bugs that you subsequently find.