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Nook e-reader price slashed to £29 at Currys and PC World

Looking for a dirt-cheap ebook reader? Currys and PC World have you covered.

Calling all tech bargain hunters, the price of Barnes & Noble's Nook ebook reader has been cut to a tasty £29.

The cash-saving slash, which happened this morning, gets you the e-ink gadget for £50 less than its initial £79 cost at UK tech retailer Currys & PC World.

Barnes & Noble brought the Nook to the UK back in August, in a bid to fight Amazon's monstrously popular Kindle range of ebook gadgets. The company also makes a range of tablets, though the high-res Nook HD didn't prove massively impressive when we gave it the full review treatment.

This latest price cut suggests the E-Ink Nook isn't selling particularly well in the UK -- something that could be down to shoppers not having heard of the US-centric bookseller that makes it. I've contacted the retailer to ask what exactly prompted the price drop, and I'll update this story if I hear back.

The lack of Amazon branding doesn't mean the Nook isn't a compelling gadget, and it becomes a lot more tempting at this bargain-basement price.

If you've thought about making the switch from paper books to something digital but are yet to take the plunge, this is a low-cost way of dipping your toe in the ebook waters.

You can't download books from Amazon onto the Nook, but unlike the Kindle this e-reader does work with the popular epub file format, which many online ebook sellers -- and UK public libraries -- support.

Will you snap us this bargain, or would you rather pay £69 for Amazon's cheapest Kindle? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.