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No more soggy cereal

Taking cereal and milk on the go is easier with the Fresh Traveller.

The Fresh Traveller Unica

Packing a breakfast can seem like a good idea, but the practicalities of taking a bowl of cereal and enough milk to eat it with have needed some refining. The Fresh Traveller provides a solution: this cup has two separate container spaces, which can hold both your cereal and milk, without any worry of soggy cereal when you're ready to eat. The top container, which works perfectly for milk, doubles as a bowl. Just pour in your cereal and eat your breakfast. The Fresh Traveller resembles a travel mug, using high grade plastic and stainless steel to hold your food.

The Fresh Traveller can easily be used with other food combinations besides breakfast: soup and crackers could make for a good lunch, while yogurt and fruit would be a good snack. It measures 3.6 inches by 7.2 inches, so you have plenty of room to carry any sort of meal. Whatever you choose to carry in the Fresh Traveller, you'll have a container that you can reuse for years to come. It's definitely a greener (and less expensive) option than picking up individually packaged cereals and cartons of milk each day. The cup was designed by Arian Brekveld and is available through Unica. It costs $49.