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Nik to move photo-editing software to Photoshop

Nik Software's "U Point" photo-editing technology will be available as a Photoshop plug-in later this quarter.

Nik's Viveza will ship later this quarter for about $250. Nik Software

LAS VEGAS--Nik Software on Wednesday announced a new variant of its photo-editing software that will run as a plug-in to Adobe Systems' Photoshop.

The company's Viveza plug-in brings the "U Point" editing method, already available in Nik's Capture NX software, to Photoshop. The software functions as a Photoshop smart filter, which means it can be applied nondestructively and updated later.

Viveza will ship in the first quarter for Windows and Mac OS X and cost about $250, Nik said at the Photo Marketing Association trade show here.

The U Point system is an attempt to simplify photo-editing tasks that often require complicated selection and masking operations. Placing control points on an image gives users sliders to adjust color, saturation, lighting, and other parameters, and those adjustments also affect other parts of the image similar to where the control point is located.