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New and Noteworthy: Most users happy with iPod battery; Dawn of the iGrill; EU's mind made up on Microsoft; Everyman's superco

New and Noteworthy: Most users happy with iPod battery; Dawn of the iGrill; EU's mind made up on Microsoft; Everyman's superco

Most users happy with iPod battery Despite all the (often misleading) hype about the iPod's battery life, a recent Macworld UK poll found that most users were happy with the longevity of their iPod batteries: "Of the 1,047 readers polled 70 per cent have not experienced any reduction of battery life, and...although 30 per cent of respondents have experienced decreased battery life just 14 per cent state that they are 'unhappy' about the situation. The remaining 16 per cent have already accepted that their battery will not live on indefinitely." More.

The dawn of the iGrill, the iPhone and the iScooter With all the recent coverage of the 20th anniversary of the original Mac, Canada's National Post notes that just as important was the debut of the original iMac in 1998: "The very fact that people argued over its shape and colour (and drink-holder suitability) was a defining characteristic of the iMac's revolutionary success. No one had thought of computers in those terms before. And, to be fair, almost everyone loved it."More.

EU's mind "made up" on Microsoft A BBC News article notes the draft of the EU decision in its case against Microsoft: "The EU will want to fine Microsoft heavily, and may demand that it stops forcing suppliers to include its own media software at the expense of competitors such as Real Networks and Apple." More.

Everyman's supercomputer In response to a highly criticized CNET commentary on the Virginia Tech supercomputer, CNET has published an article by the Dean of Engineering at Virginia Tech: "Not only is X's computational speed impressive, but the cost of the hardware was a mere $5.2 million, only a fraction of the cost of ASCI Q or Earth Simulator's price tag. The machine was assembled in record time, just three months." More.

IT vendors exposed over "sweatshop" factories A ZDNet UK article covers a CAFOD report documenting "'dire working conditions' at computer production sites in Mexico, China and Thailand." More.


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