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New and Noteworthy: Apple also sells computers; iTunes top of the charts

New and Noteworthy: Apple also sells computers; iTunes top of the charts

Apple also sells computers The New York Times has an article chronicling the shift toward dramatic iPod presence on Apple's Cupertino campus. "Stroll the corridors and the atriums on Apple Computer's corporate campus these days and you will notice that something is missing. Gone are the posters and graphics accenting the company's sleek personal computers. In their place, in the main lobby, is a striking, three-story-high billboard celebrating Steven P. Jobs's brand-new billion-dollar consumer electronics business - the iPod digital MP3 music player." More.

iTunes top of the charts A report notes iTunes' current spot at the top of music download service offerings, and profiles a college student who used his food allowance to purchase promotional Pepsi bottles "John Gillilan has hundreds of Pepsi caps lined up in rows in his University of Southern California freshman dorm room, each one representing a song downloaded from Apple's iTunes Music Store. A Macintosh user and avid music fan, he started buying music from the store when it launched a year ago. This year Gillilan realized he could apply much of his $2,500 college dorm food allowance to purchasing bottles of Pepsi and taking advantage of Pepsi's iTunes song-giveaway promotion, he said." More.

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