New and notable Apple TIL files

New and notable Apple TIL files


Some selected other new TIL files of interest:

#30450: AppleVision 1710 & 1710AV: No Screen Image Troubleshooting This file covers the old problem of AppleVision 1710 monitors that remain dark at startup. It lists a seven step procedure to follow. Step 4 involves a technique I had not seen posted previously (but do it only after following steps 1-3): After the computer is finished powering up, press the user control button second from the left (it has an arrow pointing to the right above it) and second from the right (it has a '-' sign above it) alternately 5-7 times. This will alleviate the possibility that the microprocessor inside the monitor has a corrupt color mode causing the image to appear black.

#30446: LaserWriter 12/640: Error -2804 Problem: I have a Power Mac 7300 and a 12/640. I have installed the LaserWriter driver that came on the CD included with the 12/640 and now I get -2804 errors. Solution: Drag the "Printing lib" file (located in the extensions folder) to the trash and re-install the driver from the 12/640 CD. Alternatively, download the latest LaserWriter driver from the internet.

#30449: Slow TCP/IP printing This TIL file discusses a couple of reasons why printing via TCP/IP may be slower than using AppleTalk.

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