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Mozilla offers open-source Eudora beta

An open-source, Thunderbird-based revamp of the venerable e-mail software has entered beta testing.

Qualcomm's handoff of its Eudora e-mail software to the Mozilla Foundation has taken an important step: release of the first beta version of the software, 8.0.0b1.

Mozilla already has an open-source e-mail program, Thunderbird, and the new Eudora will be a branded offshoot with some new features, according to the release site. In addition, a related extension called Penelope will provide some extra features to both Eudora and the regular Thunderbird.

Eudora rose to popularity in the dial-up days of the Internet, but it was mostly supplanted by Microsoft Outlook Express and by Web-based e-mail services. Qualcomm launched its last commercially supported version of its classic Eudora last October. However, six Qualcomm Eudora programmers are now working on the Mozilla version.

The beta version is available for Windows and Mac OS X.

(Via Slashdot)