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More than just a popcorn maker

The Nostalgia Electrics Theater Popcorn Maker with Stirrer makes movie night enjoyable no matter what's on the tube. The integrated stirrer also allows for roasting nuts.

No matter what's on the tube, popcorn makes it better.
No matter what's on the tube, popcorn makes it better. Cooking.com

A night in at the movies can be an entertaining and relaxing way to spend an evening. Modern home theater systems have evolved to the point where it seems unnecessary to venture out to the local multiplex. The comfort of home can never be topped; while you may or may not have a screaming child or a crying baby in your house, you will in the movie theater. Of course, there is one last thing to consider for movie watching, at home or away: that would be the popcorn.

For whatever reason, movies go down better with a tub of popcorn, and the Nostalgia Electrics Theater Popcorn Maker with Stirrer is here to help. The small countertop appliance measures 10 inches by 9 inches by 12 inches and can be used with or without butter and/or oil; an integrated stirrer keeps the kernels moving. When finished popping, just flip the unit over, and the cover doubles as a popcorn tub.

When not in use providing the essential movie night accessory of popcorn, the machine can be used as a nut roaster, thanks to the integrated stirrer. For best results, roast a batch of nuts first and then add to the freshly popped popcorn. Even the most dubious of movies will be much more enjoyable with a batch of snacks made to order--and just think how much you're saving on the price of popcorn.