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More than a spoon rest

While most kitchens have spoon rests, the Combo Lid / Spoon Rest ups the game by giving you a place to put your lids.

The Combo Lid / Spoon Rest Fresh Finds

I've been known to press a spare saucer into use as a spoon rest if I can't find anything else, but there isn't any solution to where to put that hot lid you've just pulled off of a pot, especially if you're planning to put it back on the pot shortly. The Combo Lid / Spoon Rest offers a solution beyond simply setting lids on the counter. This rest is constructed from stainless steel, with a base that looks like two spoon rests put together and a tall rest that you can lean any lid against easily. The base is constructed so that your leaning lid won't slide away and it will also catch drips from both spoons and lids. Wiping up liquid that has condensed on the inside of a lid and then fallen on to your counter is no longer necessary.

The Combo Lid / Spoon Rest comes apart easily, so that you can clean it. Because it's 18/8 brushed stainless steel, you can run it through the dishwasher easily--like any good spoon rest. A spoon rest that you can't easily clean might as well be simply decorative. The Combo Lid / Spoon Rest is $14.95.