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More on the Microsoft Intellimouse Safari issue, fix

More on the Microsoft Intellimouse Safari issue, fix

Last week we reported an issue where using an assigned "back button" designation for the Microsoft Intellimouse causes Safari goes back two pages on one click if there are two users logged on at same time.

MacFixIt reader Ric Perrott found that changing the Intellimouse assignment from a direct link with Safari's back button to the keyboard shortcut for back and forward in Safari caused proper movement of only one page at a time:

"I had the same exact issue as Brad with my 17" Flat Panel iMac. Safari would move back 2 pages when using the MS Intellimouse.

"I solved it by going into the MS Intellimouse Preference Pane and changing the assignment for the "Back" button in Safari. Instead of setting it to "Back" I set it to the keyboard equivalent CMD-[ (the command key and the left bracket key) and the same for forward CMD-] (the command key and the right bracket key)"


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