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More on junk mail crashes: script solution

More on junk mail crashes: script solution

We continue to cover an issue where Panther's Mail application crashes when attempting to flag certain messages as junk. We mentioned in several previous reports that one of the culprits seems to be mail without a subject. Reader Bill Dhalle points us to a possible workaround that involves setting up a rule that runs a particular script on messages:

"I too was having the reported issue with crashing when trying to filer a junk message with a blank subject. It appears to be a new type of spam email meant to get around junk mail filters. I came across a wonderful AppleScript called 'Shoot Blanks.' I created a Rule in to run the Shoot Blanks AppleScript when it encounters such a message. It deletes the problem message before it gets to the Junk Mail filter (and subsequently crashes the app). The script author's website offers detailed instructions on setting up this Rule, and it is very easy to do. I'm happy to report that after installing it two weeks ago, I have not had a single crash in I would love to see the author of this script get the credit they deserve. It has solved a HUGE nagging problem for me..."

The website provides detailed instructions for using the script, but it basically checks every message to see if the message has certain characteristics; if it does, the message is deleted immediately, rather than being handled by the Mail's junk filter.

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