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Mood lighting to cook by

The Faber Arkea range hood features internal LED lighting that can bathe the kitchen in a different light.

The Faber Arkea range hood is a stylish choice, lights on or off.
The Faber Arkea range hood is a stylish choice, lights on or off. Faber

Dining can be a delicate thing. Finding the right balance of flavors and ingredients can be tricky, but the meal is only half the story. Surrounding whatever food is on the plate, of course, is the environment. The setting could be anything from the soft glow of a candlelight dinner to the bright glare of a midday meal. Or, it could be any number of options dialed up from the range hood. Yes, that oft-overlooked thing above the stovetop.

The color of meal-making can now be controlled with the Arkea range hood made by the European firm Faber. The striking hood makes a big first impression with its stark, spherical design. However, it's when the lights go dim that the kitchen accessory really shines. Hidden inside, there lies a series of LEDs capable of illuminating the kitchen in the lighting scheme of your choice.

From energetic red to cool violet (as well as what lies between), the kitchen hood is designed to make an impression. It's not fearful of utility, however; the range hood makes sure it can get the job done, no matter the presentation. Featuring operation via remote control, the range hood can be raised or lowered at the press of a button. In addition to its ability to vent steam and smoke away from the stovetop, the hood features four white spotlights to illuminate the actual cooking area. No matter what happens to end up on the plate, with the range hood's combination of style and functionality, it will certainly form a complete meal.

Via Appliancist