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MobileMe email setup and troubleshooting

Learn how to set up MobileMe in popular email clients and what it means when you get the error message: "You have exceeded your message/recipient sending limits. Try again later."

Learn how to set up MobileMe in popular email clients and what it means when you get the error message: "You have exceeded your message/recipient sending limits. Try again later." MobileMe mail messages can be accessed and sent from many common email client applications using a simple IMAP setup.

Setting up your MobileMe mail on a third-party email client allows you to access your mail messages without having to log in to

  1. Microsoft Entourage
    1. From the Entourage menu bar, select Tools > Accounts
    2. Click "New" and choose to manually setup an account. (Note: The setup window may look different on different versions of Entourage.)
      Choose to Configure account manually in the bottom-left corner (Entourage, Office:Mac 2004). Screenshot by Joe Aimonetti
    3. Choose IMAP as your account type.
      Setup your MobileMe mail account as IMAP. Screenshot by Joe Aimonetti
    4. Give your account a descriptive name such as "Home Mail" or "Work Messages".
    5. In the name field, enter the name that will appear when recipients receive messages. Then, enter your full name and MobileMe email address.
    6. Your Account ID is your MobileMe user name (before the @ symbol).
    7. The server information for MobileMe is (or for .Mac addresses). Enter your password in the Password field. MobileMe's SMTP server is (or for .Mac addresses).
    8. Click "Click here for advanced sending options". Select "Override default SMTP port" and change the port number from 25 to 587. Enable "SMTP requires authentication" and "Use same settings as receiving mail server".
    9. Close the advanced sending options window and click OK. Your account will appear in Entourage and begin downloading any messages.
  2. Windows Vista Mail
    1. From the Tools menu, choose Accounts.
    2. In the Internet Accounts window, choose to add, select E-mail Account, and click Next.
    3. In Display Name, enter the name your recipients will see when the receive an email from you. Click Next.
    4. Enter your full MobileMe email address.
    5. Choose IMAP as your mail server type.
      • Incoming mail (IMAP):
      • Outgoing mail (SMTP):
    6. Your E-mail username should auto-fill as your MobileMe username (before the @ symbol). Click Finish.
    7. Highlight your newly created account and click Properties.
    8. Click the Advanced tab. If you would like to use a secure connection to the email servers, enable both of the "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)" options. The Incoming mail (IMAP) port number automatically changes from 143 to 993, but you will need to manually change the Outgoing server (SMTP) from 25 to 587. If you are configuring the account as POP, the Incoming mail port instead changes from 110 to 995. Click OK and close the Internet Accounts window.
  3. For more account setups including Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook, read this Apple knowledge base article.

Now that you have your MobileMe account setup in your favorite email client, you may experience an error message that reads, "You have exceeded your message/recipient sending limits. Try again later." This message occurs when attempting to send too many mail messages in a rolling 24-hour period. The limit for MobileMe is 200 during that time (or 1000 recipients).

Should you get this message and not believe that you have exceeded the limit, check your mail rules and automations to be sure messages are not being sent automatically that drive up the total number sent. You should also check your Sent messages folder to be sure that you are the one sending all the messages. If you think your account has been compromised, change your password and security questions immediately.

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