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Mixing drinks with a tornado

Harness the power of the tornado (or at least a fast-spinning motor) with the Vortex Portable Mixer.

Spin me a drink, please. Vortex Portable Mixer

Presentation is everything. And $20 price tags don't hurt either. Why blend the boring old-fashioned way, when you could be blending in style? In style, that is, with a tornado.The Vortex Portable Mixer is powered by a 9000rpm motor that quickly and effectively mixes whatever liquid-based material you put in it.

Although it is mainly designed and marketed toward protein shake drinkers (who would rather avoid nasty bits of dry clumps in their beverage), the portable mixer has numerous uses. For example, a spinning (and dizzying) tornado in a bottle could be a fascinating twist on old-timey cocktail shakers. The manufacturer also offers suggestions about the mixer being used as a great salad-dressing shaker or a fun way to whip up a batch of scrambled eggs.

The fun presentation is not the only benefit from this high-powered portable mixer. Immediately after use, the Vortex is easily cleaned by giving some fresh water a quick spin in the machine. A little soap added to the mix and your portable mixer will practically clean itself. For $20, the Vortex promises to add a little fun to your beverage-making endeavors. Quick and easy to use, the portable tornado might be the next best thing to captured lightning in a jar.