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"Mirror Agent" and problems shutting down

"Mirror Agent" and problems shutting down

Several readers have reported a problem that persists through Mac OS X 10.3.3 where shutdowns or restarts are stalled, and the message:

"Could not shut down because application Mirror Agent was still active. Quit Mirror Agent and try again."

Mirror Agent is a component of the .Mac iDisk in Mac OS X 10.3.x. In order to work around this problem there are two options:

  • Disable iDisk completely. This option is absolute for resolving the issue, but obviously does not represent the best choice for users who wish to retain their iDisk functionality.
  • In the .Mac pane of System Preferences, select the iDisk pane, then change the setting from "Automatically" to "Manually" for "Create a local copy of your iDisk." Unfortunately, this means you will have to (as implied) manually synchronize your iDisk, and this solution has not solved the problem for all readers.


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