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Mince garlic with no mess

Avoid the waste of the typical garlic press with the Garlic Mincer: you can cook with fresh garlic with no mess and no fuss.

The Garlic Mincer Lee Valley

While onions remain a bit of a problem when you're chopping up vegetables, garlic is a close second. It's hard to mince garlic without mincing your fingertips, and if you get it on your hands, everyone will know it. The typical garlic press doesn't improve matters, either: you have to push and scrape to get garlic into your meal and then you have to clean up an awkwardly shaped tool that probably can't go through the dishwasher. But there is a simple tool that can handle the same task with no mess: the Garlic Mincer.

Offering a surprisingly simple way to mince garlic, this tool is made of two polycarbonate pieces that fit together. You place the garlic between the pieces and twist--it doesn't require much in the way of hand strength and you can control how fine of a mince you get just by choosing how many times to turn the Garlic Mincer. There's no waste or left-behind garlic with this tool, either. You can easily scrape it out with a spoon if a few bits are still in the Garlic Mincer, and you don't have to try to push leftover garlic out of the grates that most garlic presses rely on. The Garlic Mincer is dishwasher safe.