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Million Dollar Vacuum on sale now for only $999,999

Online retailer GoVacuum has created a 24k-gold-plated vacuum. It comes with free shipping.

Hurry now! Only 100 left!
Hurry now! Only 100 left! GoVacuum

Shameless marketing stunts are a dime a dozen, but that doesn't mean there isn't unmined territory out there. When the goal is to draw attention to a product, company or cause, all that is needed is a good idea and the internet. And a million dollars of gold plating.

The Million Dollar Vacuum (model number GV62711 from GoVacuum in case you are interested in purchasing), takes one of the most recognizable of household appliances and gives it a shiny new coat of bling. Why? To make it clean better, of course. (No, not really; 24k gold plating has no effect on cleaning effectiveness.) Not only does the discerning vacuumer-to-be get the gold-plating, but the appliance offers additional luxury features such as a hand-stitched outer bag ("from most any material you choose") as well as custom engraving.

At the heart of the attention-seeking appliance, there actually is some good utility, like a HEPA bag and a powerful motor. And that of course, is the point: to draw consumer focus to the company. Not only is the gold-plated vacuum really available for purchase (the gold-plating would be done by a company in Kensington, Maryland), but GoVacuum is a real company with real products based in Northern Virginia.

It's a gimmick for sure, but along with its limited availability (hurry! Only 100 will be made!), the stunt is a fun way to create interest in an otherwise not-so-exciting market segment. They even went so far as to commission theme songs for the vacuum. Sure, it is a blatant plea for going viral, but as far as marketing efforts go, it's one I don't mind being sucked into.

(Via Born Rich)