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Microsoft's folding phone/tablet concept has three screens -- one in the hinge

Microsoft filed a patent application for what looks like a folding tablet.


The Microsoft patent shows the device folding in and out.


ZTE uses two screens in its folding Axon M phone, but how about a folding device that uses three? Microsoft has one idea for the concept.

A recently published Microsoft patent application shows off a tablet-like device that can fold inwardly or outwardly. The device has two main displays which can be seen when the device is opened up, but it also includes a third display on the hinge.

Folding phones and tablets are a hot trend, with companies like Samsung, Apple, Huawei and Motorola all said to be working on their own foldable devices.

Microsoft has previously applied for a hinge patent for a folding device. While we're not sure if either of the patents will manifest in actual products, it seems like Microsoft is putting some thought into the concept.

Microsoft did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

(Via Windows Latest)