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Micron's 256GB solid-state drive debuts at $110

Solid-state drive storage on the cheap. Micron's new SSD makes 256GB downright affordable.

Crucial's SSD gets you a lot of solid-state storage for close to 100 bucks. Crucial

Micron Technology's Crucial brand is trying to set a new low-price watermark for solid-state drives.

The new MX100 SSD delivers 256 gigabytes of storage for $109.99, Crucial said on Monday.

That's lower than typical brand-new 256GB drives from a top-tier brand. Retailer Newegg, for example, shows most 256GB SSDs from major suppliers priced above $150.

And chip review site Anandtech had good things to say about the MX100.

"While the MX100's main goal is to lower the price by using smaller lithography NAND [flash memory]...[it] is currently the drive with the best bang for the buck in the market by far," Anandtech said, while also providing benchmarks for the drive.

"The Crucial MX100 allows users to boot up almost instantly, load programs in seconds, and accelerate demanding applications," Crucial said in a statement.

A 512GB model goes for $224.99, while the 128GB version is $79.99.