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Meet 'The Cheapskate' in person, in Michigan, on Monday

Rick 'The Cheapskate' Broida will be live and in person at the Novi Public Library for unmitigated geek-talk. Come one, come all.

Hey, Michiganders! Want to talk tech? Maybe even win a prize? Then come to the Novi Public Library this Monday, November 3, 7 p.m., for some no-holds-barred geek talk.

The official topic of discussion: Tech Gadgets for the Holidays. I'll offer buying advice on everything from digital camcorders and MP3 players to netbooks and notebooks, and I'll have some cool products to demo. Of course, the discussion doesn't have to end there. We can talk freebie software, sweet Web services, the best places to get pizza (I'm liking Benito's these days)--whatever.

I'll also have a prize or two to raffle off. Don't expect an iPhone or anything, but I usually manage to pony up some good stuff. Hope you can make it! Meanwhile, I'll be in Seattle the weekend of Nov. 14--hit the Comments and let me know if you're interested in a Cheapskate meetup for that neck o' the woods.