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Meet Spoutnik, the space-age microwave

The Fagor Spoutnik is a fun microwave that features distinctive styling. Named after Sputnik, the first man-made satellite, the space-age appliance kicks off a new stage of the space race.

Visit other worlds right from the kitchen countertop.
Visit other worlds right from the kitchen countertop. Fagor

America has fallen behind in the space race, folks. Oh sure, NASA may have little dune buggies rolling around up on Mars, but can Curiosity or Opportunity pop a bag of popcorn? Didn't think so. That makes it kind of hard to watch such outer-space classics such as "2001: A Space Odyssey" or "Spaceballs." There is only way to settle in with a bag of popcorn for a true sci-fi experience, and that is with a space-age microwave. And it's the U.K. that has it.

The Fagor Spoutnik is a microwave on its own mission. Available in three different colors (Blue Odyssey, Green Flash, and Ultra Violet), the spherical kitchen appliance shakes up convention while staying firmly rooted in the basics. The podlike contrivance features a soft-touch LCD display and offers variable power levels (500 watts to 700 watts). But where it really strives to explore new territory is with its design.

The microwave includes a turntable mechanism like most, except this one lights up. When cooking begins, it lights up red and then changes to blue when the dish is ready. Additionally, the 360-degree view offers a clear view of cooking food (and the light show). Finally, the domed lid opens up to provide easy access to the interior, which makes for easy cleanup. And that's one giant leap for microwave-kind.

(Via Appliancist)