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Man proposes via language-learning app Duolingo

An Italian man whose American girlfriend is learning his language with Duolingo teams up with the app to deliver a unique marriage proposal.


We've seen some pretty creative marriage proposals, but we never would have thought of proposing via a language-learning app. Flavio Esposito, on the other hand, seems to like thinking outside the down-on-one-knee box.

The Italian man's American girlfriend was using Duolingo to learn Italian, so he got in touch with the Duolingo team to come up with a surprise.

"She's learning my own language, and she enjoys it so much that I'm wondering if I could ask you to set up an exercise for her that would lead to the big question: 'Will you marry Flavio Esposito?'" he wrote.

The team, unable to resist either the challenge or the romance, set about writing some translation exercises for Kate to be dropped into her learning program.

"Lu ti ama," ran the first one: "He loves you." "Lu ti adora:" "he adores you." "Voi due parlate a telefono tutte le sere:" "the two of you talk on the phone every evening."

Then the big question:


Who could say no? Certainly not Kate.


We hope the happy couple lives blissfully and bilingually ever after.

Have you seen or been part of a creatively techy marriage proposal? Tell us about it in the comments below.

(Source: Crave Australia)