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Make mini cupcakes in five minutes

The Mini Cupcake Maker turns out tiny treats in just minutes.

The Mini Cupcake Maker Perpetual Kid

Cupcakes taste great and, somehow, miniature cupcakes taste even better. The Mini Cupcake Maker lets you turn out a batch of smaller cupcakes in less than five minutes, without needing to preheat the oven. You simply mix up some batter--a half batch of many recipes is plenty for the seven cupcakes that the Mini Cupcake Maker has space for, but it's fast enough that you can bake several rounds if you want more--and pour into the nonstick baking tray. Less than five minutes later, your cupcakes are done. They'll release quickly from the tray and clean up will be quick thanks to the nonstick surface. The Mini Cupcake Maker is like a grown-up version of the Easy Bake Oven, except that you can cook real recipes in it.

The Mini Cupcake Maker works just as well for muffins and brownies as it does for cupcakes. If you need a quick breakfast, whipping up a batch of muffins is no problem with this appliance. There are some other benefits as well: if you're controlling just how many cupcakes or other treats you have in a day, you can still have a taste of sweetness with a mini cupcake, without going overboard. The Mini Cupcake Maker is available for $29.99.