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Mad Catz Mojo Android console packs Tegra 4 for £220

Mad Catz has a new Android console for your expert consideration, packing a powerful Tegra 4 chip and full Google Play access.

Mad Catz, best known for its bonkers game controllers and cavalier attitude to spelling, has a new Android console for your expert consideration, called the Mojo. Like the Ouya, it plugs into your telly and lets you play the cream of the Google Play Store in 1080p.

Coming in December, it'll set you back £220, and includes a Bluetooth controller, which Mad Catz adorably dubs the CTRLr.

That's more than twice the price of the £99 Ouya, so what are you getting for your extra cash? There's a more powerful 1.8GHz Tegra 4 chip, which should outperform the Ouya's 1.7GHz Tegra 3. It has a more up to date USB 3 input, compared to the Ouya's USB 2, giving faster data transfer.

The Mojo is roomier too, with double the internal storage at 16GB, and with twice the RAM, at 2GB. You can expand the storage with the microSD slot in the back, too. It's running Android 4.2.2, a slightly newer version of Google's OS than the 4.1 that the Ouya's software is based on.

It should therefore be a more capable gaming rig than the Ouya, and compares with top-end smart phones, and gaming tablets such as the Nvidia Tegra Note.

As well as the latest Android games, such as FIFA 14, it'll stream movies over your network and via apps such as Netflix and Lovefilm. It has full access to the Google Play Store and Nvidia's specialist TegraZone gaming store too.

Nevertheless, it's a lot of money to splash out on a tiny box. You can get a PlayStation 3 with 500GB of storage for less -- just £209 at Amazon at the moment. Similarly, a 250GB Xbox 360 with the full console version of FIFA 14 thrown in will set you back £165. Both have Netflix and Lovefilm, and tonnes of other apps too, as well as extensive -- if much pricier -- online game collections.

Alternatively, a new Nexus 7 with a similar quad-core processor and the same 16GB of storage (although unexpandable) will run you £199. And it has a Full HD screen, so you can play it on the bus.

The Ouya was a tremendous Kickstarter success last year, but its poor build quality and not-quite-ready software have disappointed some fans and most reviewers.

Can you see a future for Android consoles like the Mojo and Ouya? What would make them compelling? Get your mojo going in the comments, or on the free-for-all that is our Facebook page.