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MacLocks announces security lock for 2013 Mac Pro

Tackling the lack of security connectors in Apple's new Mac Pro, MacLocks has announced a relatively hidden locking system for Apple's new pro desktop.

Apple's new Mac Pro system comes in a radically different form factor, with a compact design reliant on Thunderbolt and USB for expansion, and in a package that is far smaller and lighter than the prior Mac Pro. While the new system is a powerhouse, priced between $3000 and $10,000, depending on the configuration, the system is a rather hefty investment.

For past Mac Pro systems, the chassis offered a number of ways to secure the system; however, the new Mac Pro is a smooth cylindrical design that offers no hoop or Kensington lock port for attaching a security device. While this design lends to the aesthetics of the new system, it does mark a drawback in the security of the device, especially given its design changes. The smaller and more compact form factor of the Mac Pro makes it rather easy to pick up and run away with, which means securing the device may be even more of a priority than with the prior Mac Pro design.

One option Apple provides is FileVault security in OS X, which can protect your data in the event of theft; however, you will still have lost a pricy system, and may be looking for some option to better secure it. One approach here may be to lock the Mac Pro in a cabinet, but this might not be feasible for everyone.

MacLocks Mac Pro lock
The new Mac Pro lock sits at the bottom of the Mac Pro's I/O ports, and braces against the system's aluminum chassis. MacLocks

Even though Apple did not include a built-in security option for the Mac Pro, as with the latest Retina MacBook Pro, third-party companies are developing options that can help secure the system. MacLocks, which creates a number of security locks and holders for Apple's tablets, laptops, and desktop systems, has announced a new prototype lock currently under production, which should give the Mac Pro at least some level of security from theft.

The lock is a plate that slides into the Mac Pro's chassis around its I/O ports, which then connects to a cable lock. This approach allows you to keep the system visible should you enjoy its aesthetics, but still use its solid aluminum enclosure for security.

The Mac Pro Lock Security Bracket is being introduced by MacLocks at a pre-order price of $89.95 (to ship on February 25), and will regularly be $119.95. The lock will be available for pre-order on the MacLocks' Web site. This is one of the first locking options available for the new Mac Pro, but others may soon follow. However, if you have one of Apple's new systems, you might consider looking into an option for securing it from a quick snatch.

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