MacFixIt at Macworld Expo (and some MacFixIt notes)

MacFixIt at Macworld Expo (and some MacFixIt notes)

Macworld Expo Macworld Expo at Boston is on deck for next week. I will be attending. In keeping with the tradition set with the previous two Expos, I will be reporting from Boston with news from a MacFixIt viewpoint. I won't necessarily be posting every day, but expect at least two or three days of Expo postings.

Late-Breakers schedule Speaking of my schedule for posting updates to the Late-Breakers page, here is a summary for those of you who may have just joined MacFixIt recently:

Unless otherwise indicated, I update the Late-Breakers page every Monday, Wednesday and Friday - almost always before 11:00 a.m. Eastern time. On these days, I often add additional or revised postings later in the day. On other days, I may or may not post updates, depending on how much news there is to report and how much time I have. With the release of Mac OS 8, for example, I had postings every day last week.

And speaking of Mac OS 8, I have already received more email on the new OS than on any other subject ever covered in MacFixIt. As a result, I am more behind schedule than ever in reading my email and some worthy reports will likely never make it to the Late-Breakers page. Similarly, my ability to reply to email is temporarily near zero. Until things calm down, this situation is likely to persist. Thanks, as always, for your understanding.

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