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Mac OS X 10.3.x: Calculator crashing on currency update

Mac OS X 10.3.x: Calculator crashing on currency update

MacFixIt reader Ethan writes

"When I run Mac OS X's Calculator application and attempt to update the currency exchange rates, it crashes - each and every time.

"It first happened in Jaguar, and I thought the problem would've been fixed with Panther but sadly not. I've sent numerous crash reports to Apple hoping they'll look into it. [...]

"The last time I've been able to successfully update the currency rates was February 24. It's a feature I sorely miss because I live outside of the US and buy items often from eBay."

Several other users have experienced a similar phenomenon, and have found that emptying all files in the folder:

  • Home > Library > Caches > Calculator
as well as the preference file:
  • Home > Library > Preferences >

will restore the 'Update Currency Rates' feature. In some cases several repeat attempts are required.


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