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Mac OS 8 early warnings

Mac OS 8 early warnings

Control panels submenu glitch Noah Bast found that, after updating his 3400/200 to Mac OS 8, if he selected a control panel from the submenu of the Apple menu (created by having Apple Menu Options installed), it did one of three things (in order of frequency): open the System Folder, do nothing, or work as expected. Clicking a control panel from a Finder window worked fine. On his 840AV, the submenu worked fine.

Update: Matt Domenici claims that this problem (which is probably not specific to Mac OS 8) is due to a corrupted Apple Menu Options (AMO) prefs file. To fix it, turn AMO off in the control panel, then throw away AMO prefs; next restart and turn AMO back on. "This should fix the problem. Simply throwing away the prefs without switching AMO off and restarting won't clear the problem." Others have now confirmed this.

This remaining items from this posting have been incorporated into the Troubleshooting Mac OS 8 page.