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Logitech Z-5450: Wireless THX speakers

Surround-sound speakers are great, but you need a degree in cable-laying to install them properly -- until now. Introducing the Logitech Z-5450

Picture the scene: you've been stalking your St. Valentine's Day prey for months, and as the big day looms, she/him/it capitulates under the spell of a dozen Mojitos and agrees to come back to your place for a hot, romantically themed evening.

You Hoover the carpet in preparation, put your lucky Y-fronts out to air, and hurriedly install an expensive surround-sound speaker system in a bid to set the mood. Your lover turns up, and, mesmerised by the cleanness of your shagpile and the zest of your underwear moves towards you passionately -- only to trip over the mass of cabling trailing from your speaker system.

At this point it's pretty safe to say you're no longer in for a night of passion. As the familiar sound of approaching ambulances sounds the death knell of a beautiful relationship, you wonder again why you didn't splash out on the Logitech Z-5450. It's the world's first THX-Certified 5.1 set with wireless rear speakers, so there are no cumbersome trip wires connecting them to the reciever.

Crave got a chance to test this system on Friday and we were very impressed. It has a total of 315W of Real Music Power (RMS), and is fully Dolby'd up, so when you throw on your Sleepless in Seattle DVD this 14 February, you know Cupid will hook you up.

The Z-5450 costs around £240, surely a small price to pay for love? -RR