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Logitech G733 gaming headset the heart of new Logitech G color collection

Two gaming mice and a wireless keyboard join the G733 with color options other than plain ol' black.

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Josh Goldman/CNET

Are black gaming keyboards, mice and headsets popular because that's what gamers have typically wanted, or is it just that that's what we were given? Either way, Logitech feels the time is right to offer you more color options for its gear, starting with a new headset, wired and wireless mice and its top wireless keyboard. 

The new $129 Logitech G733 headset is at the core of the new color collection. Available in blue, white, lilac and black versions, it weighs only 0.6-pound (278 g) and uses the company's Lightspeed wireless with a USB-A receiver that gives them a range of about 65 feet (20m). Battery life is rated for up to 29 hours with its LED lights off, and they're rechargeable via USB-C.


There's a mic mute button on the back of the left earcup, or you can just pull the mic out. 

Josh Goldman/CNET

Audio sounds full with punchy bass out of the box, and there's support for DTS Headphone:X 2.0 surround sound as well. You can also tune the sound with Logitech's G Hub software along with its mic performance and the bars of RGB lights on the front of each earcup. 

Going beyond having different colors for the main body, Logitech made the G733's mic, earpads and head-band straps interchangeable and replaceable with other colors. Straps will be available for $10 each, and there will also be a $10 pack of five mic covers in the shapes of a star, a heart, lips, a thumbs-up and a mustache. 

Josh Goldman/CNET

The headband stretches and the earcups slide up and down a bit to give you just the right fit. The headset is light, cool and cushy enough for all-day use. The pads on the earcups help with that, too. They're made from dual-layer memory foam that's soft and squishy. I've used memory foam earcups on other headsets that were just too firm, creating pressure on my head, and that's not the case with the G733. By the way, the earpads are easy to remove and replace, and the covers slip off for cleaning.

Even if you don't care about the colors and only want a straight-up good gaming headset, you won't be disappointed with the G733. That said, it's nice to see a pair that's somewhat customizable and isn't only available in black, gray or red. 


The G203 brightens up your desk in lilac. 

Josh Goldman/CNET

The headset is the heart of the new collection, but Logitech also added the same color choices to two of its most affordable and popular gaming mice. The wired G203 Lightsync mouse, announced back in April, has a classic six-button design and a DPI up to 8,000; it sells for $40. The $60 Logitech G305 doesn't have RGB lighting, but it is a great wireless mouse for both gaming and productivity. 

Logitech will also offer its $230 G915 TKL in white with a silver metal top and low-profile switches. It's a classy look for your office or gaming den and the wireless performance is solid. However, if you don't care about a cord, there are a lot of mechanical keyboards from the likes of Ducky and Varmilo and others with more color options, mainly using keycaps to add more color.

Josh Goldman/CNET

All of the colors look good and seem like smart mass-appeal choices. I particularly like the lilac, especially if I just wanted a single piece of gear to pop out on my desk. That said, it would be nice to see one of Logitech's less-expensive wired mechanical keyboards get these new color treatments. The new color options are expected to be available in September. 

Is there a particular Logitech gaming keyboard, mouse or headset you'd like to see in something other than black or gray? Let me know in the comments.