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Little fridge, big (and cold) feature

The Only Compact Refrigerator With Ice Maker is a miniature version of a large-sized model. Complete with popular features, the appliance stacks up to its larger cousins.

Bigger than a breadbox--but not by much.
Bigger than a breadbox--but not by much. Hammacher Schlemmer

When it comes to kitchen appliances, bigger is not always better. What is always better--or best--is having the right appliance for not only the job, but for the space provided. While a refrigerator that features a cavernous capacity, complete with double doors and a rich feature set is surely nice for some, others may just want something that gets the job done in a small as space as possible. But back to those features: chances are some compromises will have to be made for those who consider smaller to be better. Unless an ice maker is on top of the list.

The Only Compact Refrigerator With Ice Maker at Hammacher Schlemmer is designed for those who want full-sized features, but don't have a lot of space. (Or are looking for that perfect fridge for the garage.) Weighing less than 90-pounds, the refrigerator measures 44-inches tall, while standing in an 18-inches by 20-inches space. Inside, the 2.8-cubic-foot capacity refrigerator is topped by a 1.2-cubic-foot capacity freezer.

Complete with familiar specs that one might see on a full-size model, the compact refrigerator boasts three adjustable shelves, in-door storage and a crisper drawer. A thermostat offers the choice of seven temperature settings, while the ice maker can provide up to 6-pounds of crescent-shaped ice cubes in a 24-hour period. Requiring a footprint of less than 2-square-feet, the fridge may not amount to much on the outside, but as we all know, it's what's inside that matters--and that is always important when it comes to refrigerators.