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LG to launch its own take on the Surface Pro

Unsatisfied with its previous attempts at a hybrid range, ​LG Electronics is planning to launch a new hybrid with a detachable keyboard that resembles Microsoft's Surface Pro 3.

LG's previous attempt to crack the hybrid market, the Tab-Book. LG

LG has a new tablet with a detachable keyboard in the works that, much like Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 , will function as a laptop with the keyboard attached and a tablet without.

It will be powered by Intel's fourth-generation core processor and it will pack a Solid State Drive for portability and better battery life, LG insiders said. LG also is considering a touchpad system on the keyboard, similar to the Surface Pro 3.

In February 2013, LG launched the Windows 8.1-powered Tab-Book, an 11.6-inch hybrid PC which could also be used as tablet or laptop. Tab-Book had a slide-out Qwerty keyboard under the touchscreen of the device, which appeared when users pressed a button on the side of the Tab-Book.

Back in July, the South Korean tech giant launched the new generation of the Tab-Book, in which it switched out the Windows 8.1 operating system for Android 4.2. It didn't offer Android upgrades, however, which many saw as indicative of the company's half-hearted attempts in the saturated tablet market.

However, LG is not satisfied with the sales of its current tablet range, which is comparatively lower than smartphone sales, an LG Electronics spokesperson said.

"Sales records of the Tab-Book were so-so," he admitted, while declining to comment on new tablet launches. There were no announcements made as to when the new hybrid would hit the market.