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Lego Minecraft sets incoming as 10,000 fans vote

Lego Minecraft sets could be coming soon, with 10,000 fans backing the idea on a Lego concept site.

Official Minecraft Lego could be coming soon to a toy shop near you, thanks to the support of 10,000 Minecraft fans who are eager to recreate their virtual utopias using physical Lego blocks.

Developer Mojang posted the idea for Minecraft Lego sets on a site called Lego Cuusoo, where you can submit ideas for concepts you'd like to see made into official Lego.

If an idea gets 10,000 votes in support, the Danish toy giant will consider turning that concept into a real Lego set. Minecraft Lego hit the 10,000 mark in a mere 48 hours, as building fanatics spread the word online.

Lego has said the project will now move "from the Idea state to the Review stage". A 'Lego jury' comprising designers, product managers and other Lego team members will examine the idea and decide if it's fit to enter the pantheon of Lego greats. Playability and safety will be things under scrutiny.

The shadowy Lego cabal will take 1-2 weeks to reach a decision. If the project is approved, the development phase begins, which takes several months.

Those who have their Lego Cuusoo ideas chosen to be made into real-life Lego get a 1 per cent royalty from sales of the product. Mojang has stated that it will work with the Lego group to secure a Minecraft licensing agreement, and donate that 1 per cent to charity should the project go ahead.

We love the idea of Lego Minecraft, and we're having great fun browsing people's crazy concepts on Lego Cuusoo. We're going to submit our idea for a Lego T-Rex that has pneumatic stomping feet.

What would you like to see hewn out of Lego? Tell us in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.