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LCD panel market to grow faster in 2004

Worldwide revenue for LCD (liquid crystal display) panels is expected to reach $47 billion in 2004, up 32 percent from last year, according to a report Monday from research firm iSuppli. In 2003, the worldwide LCD market rose 27.9 percent to $35.7 billion, the firm said. The jump in revenue this year will be fueled by strong growth in the use of LCD panels in desktop monitors, notebook computers and televisions, which will spark demand for large-size thin-film transistor LCD panels, according to iSuppli. In addition, the firm predicted that rising demand for digital still cameras and mobile phones will spur sales for small panels.

The large-size LCD panel market, which has been in a state of undersupply since the third quarter of 2003, will continue to experience a shortfall through the first quarter of this year, iSuppli/Stanford Resources said Tuesday. iSuppli/Stanford Resources is a unit of iSuppli. The flat-screen TV market has been heating up, with Dell and Gateway both introducing LCD televisions.