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Kodak M1033 and V1273: Tag 'n' touch

Kodak has introduced the wickedly styled phototagging EasyShare M1033 and the 12-megapixel touchscreen V1273 at CES

Kodak is getting with the online sharing programme with the EasyShare M1033, a wickedly styled 10-megapixel compact camera that allows you to add tags to your pictures. Meanwhile the V1273 brings touchscreen goodness.

The M1033 comes with various preset tags like 'birthday' and 'wedding', but you can add your own up to a total of 200. You type these in with a keyboard on the 76mm (3-inch) screen, manipulated by the standard d-pad. A bit like typing in your high score handle back when you were a Donkey Kong buttonbasher.

The tags are added to the image's Exif data, so they're translated into tags on sites such as Flickr and Picasa, as well as Kodak's proprietary EasyShare sharing site.

While the M1033, pictured, is styled like a stealth bomber, the touchscreen EasyShare V1273 is more of a brick. 12 megapixels, a 3x optical zoom and 76mm LCD round out the specs. Both cameras record 720p hi-def video and images for display on your new telly.

The V1273 will cost somewhere in the ballpark of $240 (£120). The tagtastic M1033 will be available in April in the States for $199 (£100) but will probably cost a chunk more when it arrives in rip-off Britain. -Rich Trenholm

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