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Killer deals on BlackBerry, Droid, and Palm Pixi

Make $100 on a BlackBerry, score a Motorola Droid for $120, or scoop up a pixie-cute Palm Pixi for 25 bucks. As always, however, plan on a two-year stint with the carrier.

In the market for a new phone? You picked the right weekend to go shopping. I've got three pretty smokin' deals--something for everyone. Check 'em out:

• BlackBerry From November 14 to 20, Wal-Mart is offering a $100 gift card when you buy a BlackBerry. Eligible models include the AT&T Curve 8310, T-Mobile Pearl 8120, Sprint Curve 8330, and Verizon Storm 2. Given that some models are actually free (with two-year contract and activation, natch), you actually stand to make $100 on the deal. My buddy Dave over at Business Hacks has more details.

• Droid Forget that $149.99 deal on the Motorola Droid. From now until midnight, November 16, Overstock is offering the Droid for $119.99 shipped (plus activation and the obligatory two-year Verizon contract). Alternately, you can get the HTC Eris for just $19.99.

• Palm Pixi Normally $99.99 with a two-year Sprint contract, the Palm Pixi is available from Wirefly for just $24.99. (Actually, it will be available as of midnight Saturday.) If you've read any reviews of the new phone, you know it's pretty much a non-slider version of the Palm Pre. It also lacks Wi-Fi for some crazy reason. (What is it with Palm and Wi-Fi?!)

OK, phone fans, there you have it. My question for you: Will you pull the trigger on any of these deals? If so, which one(s)?