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Kensington Mouseworks glitches?

Kensington Mouseworks glitches?

Vellum/Kensington conflict Ashlar's Vellum 3.0 conflicts with Kensington's Startup extension for Mouseworks. As soon as you launch Vellum, it will crash. Upon removing the Kensington Startup extension, the problem went away. Robert Hartung says that this was confirmed by Ashlar.

...and another possible Mouseworks glitch Corky Brown reports that he could not get contextual menus to work in Mac OS 8 after installing Kensington's Mouseworks. However, many readers now report no problem in this regard.

Update: Corky writes: "The problem is solved. Seems I used the 'control-left button' for my slow cursor in the Kensington Mouseworks setup. Well that is the same key to be used for the contextual menus." Reassigning this key allowed contextual menus to reappear.