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Keep your arms dry when you wash dishes

Tired of soapy water running down your arms and under your sleeves? Check out On the Cuff.

Life-changing. On the Cuff

Started thinking about your holiday shopping yet? Looking for stocking stuffers? Nothing says "I love you" like kitchen gadgets, right? (Note to my husband: actually, nothing says "I love you" like a new MacBook.)

You know how it is. You're washing the dishes, and soapy water runs down your arms and under your sleeves, and it's just plain gross. Well, after years of suffering, Rana Bauer decided to "end this nightmare for all"--seriously, that's what her Web site says.

Bauer invented On the Cuff, a pair of stretchy cuffs you slip onto your wrists to stop water before it makes a mess, eliminating extra cleanup afterward. The cuffs come in a mesh bag you can hang them in to drip dry after each use. Buy a single pair for $8 or a four-pair pack for $25.

Bauer claims the product has "changed her life." I can't guarantee it'll do the same for you, but you may find it useful.