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iWeb 2.0.2 ('08) still has problems with iWeb 1.x ('06) sites

Parts of sites are still being deleted.

Thee most dire issue users experienced after updating to iWeb '08 (2.0.x) is the sudden disappearance of various site elements from sites published in iWeb '06 (1.x), particularly photo galleries. Many users have reported that entire swaths of their sites are completely missing after launching the update and attempting to work with their pre-existing site(s) file.

Unfortunately, though its release notes state that the update:

"addresses issues with upgrading iWeb 1.x websites, and fixes some common publishing problems, and supports general compatibility issues."

iWeb 2.0.2 has not improved the situation for many users.

One MacFixIt reader writes:

"Most of my site in '06, but I when I upgraded to '08 that's when it went pear shaped. My '08 stuff got published OK, but all my '06 photos have disappeared. Then I get a 'useful' drop down menu saying I need to install missing fonts that I should upload the photos again manually. Missing fonts from where, I thought? The updates to iWeb '08 have not made the slightest difference."

As a reminder, to avoid data loss, make a copy of your domain folder -- located in ~/Library/Application Support/iWeb/Domain -- before attempting to update to or use iWeb 2.0, 2.0.1 or 2.0.2. The program may delete or make inoperable parts of your stored Web site(s). Saving this file can mean the difference between losing or maintaining your current site data.


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