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It's a fork. It's a knife. Meet the Knork.

A new utensil offers one-handed eating options.

Accessibility is a passion of mine, probably because I have a son with special needs. But I really like it when accessibility, form, and function merge seamlessly in a product that's also heavy on the cool factor, and that's the Knork.

The new Knork meets your knife and fork needs in one. Knork Flatware

Knork Flatware claims its product--a combination knife and fork that allows diners to slice and spear food with one hand and a single utensil--was designed to allow one-handed eating for busy people. I'm not really sure who it is who's too busy to use two hands to eat, but I know a lot of people who can benefit from a product like this.

Anyone with weakness or other impairments in one hand will enjoy the freedom and independence the Knork offers. Heck, I had a kid in a cast for a couple of weeks and this would have made his life easier during that ordeal. Of course, amputees and those who have lost the function of an arm or hand will grab this baby and eat it up. Or, at least, use it to eat other things up. And even nursing moms, for example, who get really good at one-handed activities, will love the Knork.

You can purchase a single Knork, a set of just forks, or a complete flatware set online or at major retailers nationwide.