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iPad Air 2019 replaces 2017 iPad Pro 10.5, not $329 iPad

The old Pro has disappeared from the Apple Store.


The new iPad Air looks the same as the 2017 10.5-inch iPad Pro and supports the same generation of Apple Pencil.


The fresh iPad Air has pushed the 10.5-inch iPad Pro from 2017 into the dustbin of Apple history. It disappeared from the Apple Store this morning after the debut of the more powerful new iPad Air, which is the same size and offers similar or better specs than its Pro predecessor. Plus, the modern update of the 10.5-inch Pro -- with an 11-inch display, thanks to smaller bezels -- debuted last October.

The new iPad Air runs off the A12 Bionic processor, which boasts more power than the older model's A10X chip and drives the latest generation of iPhones, and supports the original Apple Pencil. It doesn't have a comparable rear camera, though -- that looks like the same 8-megapixel camera as the current iPad.

It may be a good time to start looking for bargains on the 2017 Pro.

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