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ION Guitar Apprentice for iPad rocks out at CES in video

Take an axe to your iPad -- or vice versa -- with the ION Guitar Apprentice accessory, launched at CES.

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Air guitars just got a geek upgrade with the arrival of the ION Guitar Apprentice. CNET UK's Luke Westaway donned his leather and widened his leg angles as he got to grips with this fretless wonder at CES 2012 in Las Vegas.

It works by slotting your iPad into the back of this quirky guitar-shaped gadget. With the iPad screen displaying the strumming strings, and buttons replacing the frets, the whole thing can be flipped on its head if you're left-handed.

The guitar functions not only with Apple's GarageBand app, but with other apps too, including dedicated software that's on its way featuring guitar tutorials. The device operates as a MIDI controller, so you can plug it into whatever MIDI-enabled composition software or kit you're using.

It can be hooked up to an amplifier, and because it's Bluetooth-enabled, any Bluetooth speaker could act as a makeshift amp if you want to crank out a push-buttoned Sweet Child O' Mine solo in the office.

Does it get your adrenaline racing? You'll be star-jumping for joy when the ION Guitar Apprentice arrives in the UK in July. In the meantime, rock out in the comments or crowd-surf over to our Facebook page.