Intuit responds to TurboTax problems

Intuit responds to TurboTax problems


We previously reported user complaints regarding TurboTax's incompatibility with new releases of Connectix's Virtual PC. Due to a lack of functionality in native Mac Intuit products, several users have purchased the Windows release, and now find themselves unable to complete 2002 tax forms.

The problems seem to stem from a new anti-piracy measure similar to the infamous activation keys deployed with licensed copies of Microsoft Windows.

Scott Gulbransen of Intuit provided MacFixIt with the following statement on the compatibility issue, and Intuit's Mac commitment.

"Yes, TurboTax is not compatible with Virtual PC. We suggest Mac owners buy the Mac version of the software or use our Web service.

"It's not that we don't trust our customers. We know from research that our customers who do pass on their copy of TurboTax do it because they like the product so much they want to share it with others. Still, we need to protect our business and product activation simply requires the customer to use the product in accordance with the license agreement.

"We value our customers and so far we've had no influx of complaints. In fact, our customer contact centers have been underwhelmed. It's simply not an issue with the 95 percent of customers who have activated via the Internet without a problem.

"Also, our Mac products do not have product activation... only Windows."

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