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Intuit fixes Quicken 2004 export problem

Intuit fixes Quicken 2004 export problem

We previously reported on a problem in Quicken 2004 where the user cannot select a file type when trying to export a report under Mac OS X 10.3.2.

Intuit has posted an updater to Quicken 2004 (Release 2) that appears to solve the exporting problem.

The new release also includes these enhancements:

  • For some Scheduled Updates users, Quicken would intermittently crash on launch. This issue has been resolved.
  • In some cases, the Average Annual Total column was displaying N/A. This issue has been resolved. In some cases, inflated values were displayed for securities that had split. (Also occurred in the IRR graph, Portfolio Value graph, and Asset Allocation graph.) This issue has been resolved.
  • New User Assistant: Previously when a data file was created using the New User Assistant, it was saved in the Quicken Folder. It is now saved to the user's Documents folder.

Unfortunately, some readers are reporting issues after applying the updater. One suer writes "I just performed the 2R update to Quicken 2004. The program launches but crashes as soon as the opening screen disappears. Guess I'll have to reinstall from original disk and run old version."

Still having problems after the update? Drop us a line at

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