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Infuse herbs in a big way

Fishing herbs out of a pot when you're done infusing them is a thing of the past: the Jumbo Herb Infuser holds all the herbs you could want to add to any dish.

The Jumbo Herb Infuser Kitchen Kapers

There are a couple of meals that I love to make but always wind up with me fishing bay leaves and other herbs out of the pot for what seems like an hour. Keeping those herbs corralled is tough, especially when you're making a dish that requires more than you can fit in a standard herb infuser. The Jumbo Herb Infuser, however, can handle handfuls of herbs. It measures 4.25 inches by 2 inches and has plenty of room for any flavor you want to add.

The Jumbo Herb Infuser is made from stainless steel mesh and has a hook and chain that can be hung on the sides of pots and other containers so you can pull it out whenever you need to. The materials of the infuser allow you to use it with everything from brining a turkey to mulling cider. You can even use it to brew a strong cup of tea with loose leaves, although I'd recommend against filling the infuser entirely in that case. It's just a matter of filling the Jumbo Herb Infuser with the right spices and tossing it into the pot. The infuser is available for approximately $8.