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InfraWave speeds up countertop cooking

Looking for a countertop cooker that goes beyond the toaster oven, and maybe even the microwave? Take a look at the quick-cooking abilities of the InfraWave.

When I think of a countertop oven, my first thought is of a toaster oven--an appliance ideal for melting cheese, but not something I've really done a lot of cooking in. But the InfraWave Speed Cooking Countertop Oven, from Black&Decker Appliances, takes the toaster oven scenario up a notch.

The InfraWave Black&Decker Appliances

The InfraWave uses infrared light to cook food both inside and out, preparing meals in as little as half the time a conventional oven requires. And unlike a toaster oven, the InfraWave doesn't require you to defrost food beforehand. Black&Decker promises that, for most foods, you can take something out of the freezer and have it ready to eat within 20 minutes. Preheating isn't necessary, either.

This little appliance may not be quite as fast as a microwave at heating up dinner, but it's close. It also gives you a bit more of a "cooked" texture--especially with bread, microwaves can change the texture of food significantly. Not so with the InfraWave Countertop Oven. It takes about as much counter space as a regular toaster oven, but does a lot more. The InfraWave even comes with 52 preprogrammed cooking settings, making dinner a matter of hitting a button.