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Induction cooker gets it

The Max Burton Deluxe Induction Cooktop & Interface Disc is a small compact appliance meant for a variety of uses.

Cook how you want to.
Cook how you want to. Chef's Catalog

Versatility and efficiency go hand in hand in the kitchen. When it comes to appliances and gadgets, these characteristics become important and necessary qualities to look for. The ability to break away from the stovetop is one way to extend the usefulness of the kitchen, but all too often, specialty appliances lack either of these well-regarded traits. However, sometimes the convenience of a standalone cooker offers versatility, efficiency, and more.

The Max Burton Deluxe Induction Cooktop & Interface Disc not only allows for the convenience of cooking anywhere there is an outlet, but does so using the efficiency of induction cooking. Using a circulating electric current to generate heat, induction cooking is highly efficient because it uses the cooking vessel itself to generate heat. If the use of nonferrous cookware is desired, the cooktop ships with an interface disc that acts as the intermediary--it won't be as efficient, of course, but it allows for any cookware to be used.

Weighing 6 pounds, the 1,800-watt appliance is easily transported anywhere. With a base that measures just over a square foot in size, the stainless steel and ceramic cooktop is well-suited for everything from the buffet table to a secondary cooker. The countertop appliance comes complete with 10 power levels and a temperature range from 140 degrees to 450 degrees.