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Indecent Exposure 54: (In)carnations excelsis (podcast)

DSLR video demystified and expressions of your inner flower children.

DSLR video demystified and expressing your inner flower children.

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Episode 54

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Last topic: Flowers
Winner: Lilly

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Today's questions
dSLR video

Hi Lori and Mat,
Hope you had a nice long weekend.
I came across this interesting piece of news but I am not too sure how far it is true. A full-length feature film has been made using the D90 called "Reverie" (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1432978/trivia).
So you know where my question is heading. Video on DSLR's. I saw some video's shot using DSLR's and the pseudo DSLR the GH1. The hand held videos were quite wobbly despite having anti-shake technolgy and focusing was not always crisp. Even the GH1 which has continuous auto focus had a wobbly video while focusing in and out. So is there any point in having video recording in DSLR for ordinary consumers. Especially if all the good quality video is restricted to tripod based shooting.
My second question pertains to FPS. Every one seems to suggest their FPS is good enough which ranges from 24(Nikon) to 60 (on the GH1). So how much is good enough?
The next question is will the video quality at 720p be better using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II (full frame) be better than 720p video shot using a GH1(MFT) because of size of the sensor.
The last question is, (I know you must be thinking I would never get here) even if there is HD content at 720p or 1080p a person is restricted to the hardware they are using to view the content (Depending on which idiot box you use) So there may be 60fps of content but the hardware process only 30fps. Bottom line is HD video on DSLR's seems be more of a marketing strategy than of any real use for consumers.(I would be love to get counter arguments from your side.)
With Regards
Mr. Karthik